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Export obj Failed

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Created12.03.2016 22:34

Peter Parker (Unknown) 12.03.2016 22:38

i want to Export Trees.
But all Times i Export the Trees to *.obj the Brushes non existent.
I use the newest Editor 6.0.5 64bit and Windows 10
Anybody a idea to fix the Problem?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 14.03.2016 07:20

well you can export a tree (and everything else), but the leaves won't be exported correctly because they are pretty special ;)


Peter Parker (Unknown) 14.03.2016 20:07
Ok, thanks for your Answere!

But what is so Special on the Leaves? Can i make new one with Blender? Or is the Blender Exporter not ready for this? Any Tutorials or Forum Threads where I can read?

I have lot of Trees in my Mod Folder but all without Leaves, that´s Suck :P

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 15.03.2016 07:37

really not sure if the Blender exporter can handle trees.

The leaves are atually so special because they are made of several objects, but for the game these objects are merged to have less objects to be drawn (drawcalls) which improves the performance.

So, you could create some trees and make any cuttable leave a single object (pivot should be near/at the main trunk).
If the export from Blender fails you might try to use Maya because Autodesk offers (free) student versions.


Peter Parker (Unknown) 15.03.2016 10:30
Blender Exporter can´t handle Trees and Leaves... With Maya Exporter works perfect.
Now i create the Trees in Blender and Export to fbx, then i open the fbx with Maya and Export to i3D...
It´s not the best way to handle it, but it works.
Thanks for your Help

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