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gray screen when loading a i3d file?

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Created25.03.2016 20:42

Sarunas Zuperka (Unknown) 25.03.2016 20:45
Hi! when i try to open a i3d file in giants editor the screen become gray and a little box come up and says: Error while loading i3d file. This box come up everytime i load a i3d file! Anyone who can help me with this? And why can i not open a i3d file directly? Plz help! :)

Max Kattermann (Unknown) 26.03.2016 02:41
I have the same problem. I tried to update the software but that did not help. Does anybody think this is a computer issue or is this a software problem.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 29.03.2016 08:18

it might be a mixture of both ;)

Compared to the game itself the editor needs 'full openGL support'.
Some graphics cards do not deliver that (e.g. intel HD onboard gpus).

Well you could try to update your drivers for the GPU, but without any guarantee that it will work afterwards ;)

Best solution would be a pc/laptop with a dedicated graphics card.

Anyhow, you could post your log.txt so we can get sure that it is the named issue.


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