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Created31.03.2016 01:28

Adam Greno (Adam_LS) 31.03.2016 01:32
Hello, I have a great idea for Map but Giants editor is hard to use and i donĀ“t know tutorials how to use it.
Can you create new editor with better UI.. Grate UI have Train Simulator 2009 for creating map.. Can you create with this design for better using them to maps and more.. ? Sorry... For asking this hard work or impossible work. :) So, if its other software where is easy creating map.. Just tell me what is compatible with .i3d format.... Thank you ;)

Thanks for best help :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 31.03.2016 07:44

there is no other software to edit i3d files - as far as I know, at least ;)

So, you can check out our video tutorials, they explain the basic concepts.


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