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Rotating terrain texture won't work

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Created19.04.2016 15:16

Fdegh Hgb (Unknown) 19.04.2016 15:23
I saw in the modding for dummies ebook that I can change the orientation of the terraindetail foliage layer, by pressing the cultivator, plough etc texture and these numbers:
5 - rotate detail texture 45 degrees clockwise
6 - rotate detail texture 90 degrees
5+6 - rotate detail texture 45 degrees counterclockwise
I've tried several maps, even with the original maps but I can't figure out why it isn't working... Any help?
Ps Giants editor 6.0.3 for fs15

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 20.04.2016 07:22

well, you also have to select the "cultivator channel", otherwise nothing happens.

And try the originl map first, other maps might do 'crazy stuff' ;)


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