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Automatic index in GIANTS Editor

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Created18.04.2010 19:11

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 18.04.2010 19:14

this request could sound useless, but it's just and idea that I'd like to share.
Could it be possible to add a kind of line in the object's attribute that automaticaly gives the index of the selected object ( in GE )?
As a lot of young modder are making mistakes with these indexes, it could be a kind of "easy way" to get around this.
For experienced modders, well... it will just save time. :)

Thanks for reading this.


Stefan Geiger - GIANTS Software 21.04.2010 08:21
This is on the schedule already. Probably it will be in the next version of the Giants Editor. There is a workaround you can use at the moment:

B. Benjamin (Unknown) 03.05.2010 18:49

I didn't see the topic was moved.
Thanks for your answer Mr. Geiger.


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