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problem witch editor 4.1.2

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Created24.04.2010 12:20

Henryk Mark (Unknown) 24.04.2010 12:22
im new user my problem is.i cant duplicate any id3 file.

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 24.04.2010 15:35
do you mean inside GE or on your desktop?

Henryk Mark (Unknown) 25.04.2010 19:24
in thats program.

Henryk Mark (Unknown) 25.04.2010 19:55
for example i open my map01,i sign farm hause,and i want dupicate this and i press dupicate,and is no copy.

Henryk Mark (Unknown) 25.04.2010 20:14
ok i can copy.this options working fine.whats the options duplicate,this dont work on my giants i dont know whats is wrong in this program

Brian Pedersen (Unknown) 26.04.2010 00:07
to duplicate: ctrl + D
to place ctrl + B

Henryk Mark (Unknown) 26.04.2010 02:31
ok thanks this work.

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