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How do you add built in / default objects

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Created23.06.2016 02:46

Perry Newhook (Perry) 23.06.2016 02:52
Trying my hand at map building, it's mostly working out except I can't figure out how to add additional built in content.
Looking through the models folder, almost all the objects have only .dds textures, there are no .i3d files in the folder.
What's the secret?
Importing mods is straight forward, but the built in stuff must be in a compressed file or some such?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 23.06.2016 07:11

the actual data of the models, which are used in our maps is stored in the i3d (or more exact in the i3d.shapes) file.

When you edit a map, you normally insert a new model in a subfolder with all its texttures and the i3d file.
Afterwards you will import the i3d into the map.i3d.
Finally if you follow the best practice you will export your map once to a different place, because by doing so you will loose all i3d (and i3d.shapes) files - and that saves memory.

So, to make it short ... all data is in th i3d (rather i3d.shapes) file and they are no more present because you want to use as less storage as possible.

If you want to use a default building in your very own map, you only need to export such a building from the original map (try the "export selection with files" option in GE)


Perry Newhook (Perry) 23.06.2016 23:16
Ah, very illuminating, so much knowledge and power in so few words, many thanks.


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