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Help editing unload particles.....

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Created04.08.2016 03:56

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 04.08.2016 03:57
trying to setup a unload trigger on a conveyor but with multi silo...have all that working great but the particles run all the time and instead I have to grain unload system when I load grass or straw or anything like that what do I have to do to fix this....screen shot will posted next of in GE
thank you

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 04.08.2016 03:58

screen shot from in GE about what I'm talking about

Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 04.08.2016 04:05
heres a screenshot of the whole transform group with the particle systems id like to use for my unload conveyor

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 04.08.2016 07:33

here is the source code of the MultiSiloTrigger:

Check it out to see what options you have to use particle systems.


Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 05.08.2016 00:57
okay and what am I looking for have never looked inside a LUA file before....

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.08.2016 07:27

in this case it the easiest way would be to use an existing MultiSiloTrigger.

Open a default map, find such a trigger and export it (with its children).
Next, just import into your map, place it and you're done.


Brandon Eckert (kritterkreek) 05.08.2016 22:45
I have this done already I'm wanting to change the particle system for this trigger....

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