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Editor 64bit 6.0.5 Navspeed issues

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Created05.08.2016 23:54

William Lee (Unknown) 05.08.2016 23:58
I am running Giants Editor 6.0.5 64bit, i have read the forums about selecting screengraph and or viewport and still not selecting anything in it so by doing so i tried to increase the navspeed but no prevail and I cen't even decrease it, i have the map01.i3d loaded and I also uninstalled the editor and reinstalled it and still not able to increase or decrease by using the keyboad.


Bernard Chazot (BernardC) 06.08.2016 20:36
to increase or decrease using + or - keys on numeric key pad only. Nav speed is displayed on the right bottom of GE i usually use 80...for large increases you should hold the + and look at variation at right bottom


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