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Giants Editor crashes in Windows 10 :(

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Created27.10.2016 09:32

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 27.10.2016 09:36
Very disappointed that I cannot get the latest versions of the editor to run in Windows 10.

I have tried five different versions, but in the end I can only get the 32 bit version to work - 6.0.5.

The newer versions start ok, but will not load any maps, not even the default map01 (from FS15).

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 28.10.2016 07:43

an updated version of the Editor is in the pipeline.


Robert L (Spartan086) 28.10.2016 12:20
I would have replied that "you can't open FS15 maps in the FS17 editor" .... but since the reply is that "a new version is in the pipeline", maybe the 7.0.X editor will be able to open FS15 maps at some point in the future...?

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 29.10.2016 22:37
Thanks for the reply Emil,
anyway I took the plunge and bought FS17 so I am starting from scratch as I don't know how to convert or import my fs15 terrain :)

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 01.11.2016 08:54

well you won't be able to open FS15 maps in the newest editor directly.
e.g. due to new new shaders

But we plan to publich a tutorial how to port maps from FS15 to FS17.


Keith Windsor (Unknown) 02.11.2016 14:27
Thanks Emil, I've now started an FS17 map from scratch anyway (well, using a downloaded blank map), seems to be going ok so far.

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