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Strange fruit_density behaviour

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Created28.10.2016 15:44

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 28.10.2016 15:50

I have a problem with the fruits in my map.
I converted my map and all are ok and ready to play.

The problem is:
When i'm opening to edit my map in GE, all are just fine. All fields in place and all fruits in place.
When i open my map in-game, all are good but the fruits are not in their place as in GE and as they are in the fruit_density file, but up to them they are the default fields and fruits and this messes all the map in game.
In GE are all just fine.

Opening the map in the game menu i can see that there are the default fields in the map preview together with mine.
Can't explain from where this conflict is so to slove it.

I'll aprecciate any help as this is the only problem to finalize the map.


Tom Churchill (Tommx55) 28.10.2016 22:13
Hello Jim Panousis,

Try deleting the fields (apart from field01) and then test it, I had the same issue which I was trying to fix for 3 days! I just deleted the fields and it fixed it for me!

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 07.11.2016 10:56
Yes i have same problem,fields are showing just in giants editor but not in the game!

Jim Panousis (Jimi540) 07.11.2016 19:58

Thanks Tom for the info. You made me to solve the problem.
For the first time i made the fields in my map buyable and not all mine, so it didn't solve the problem but help me to find the solution.
This goes to Tarja too.
Try to put right the limits in all your fields.
It will disappear the default fields from your map and they will be only your fields as you see in the GE.
Just put right the fields limits. Check the way it does it from one default map.
It solved my problem, i think this is the solution for you too.

Thanks for the inspiration again.

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