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Giants Editor V 7.0.0 crashes in Windows 8

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Created28.10.2016 17:16

Simon Kotz (Unknown) 28.10.2016 17:17
I have installed the Giants Editor (V 7.0.0) 64 Bit.
As soon as I open the editor, the message appears:
"Giants editor no longer works. We are looking for a solution to the problem."
I am using Windows 8.
On a solution I would be very happy.

Tyson Foulger (Unknown) 30.10.2016 00:01
I have that same problem! Try reinstalling or deleteing the old version. Hope it works, I haven't tried yet, haven't got around to it. Let me know if it works. :)

Kris Krukowski (Unknown) 30.10.2016 09:25
I have the same problem. I reinstall editor maybe 10 times and editor doesn't work

Simon Kotz (Unknown) 01.11.2016 20:12
Tyson and Kris

I have now uninstalled the old Giants editor, but it still comes the message that the GE must be closed.
Too bad that you also have no solution to the problem.

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