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Flickering black-white foliageLayer Texture

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Created30.10.2016 11:02

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 30.10.2016 11:03

I've noticed some strange issue, and can't fix it since 3 days. Read through lot of forums, with no solution.

So.. I've converted our WIP map to FS17. Some of custom the foliageLayer textures got strange black-white flickering in GE, ingame too, when placing 2 into the same position.Placing only one: no texture flickering. All textures are updated to DX5 with
The strange thing : this error only occurs, when placing 2 or more foliageTexture into the same positon, and only with 2-3 texture.

Any idea or tip would be very nice :/


N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 01.11.2016 09:54
Problem still exists.

Albert Rachet (Unknown) 02.11.2016 12:51
variety the last parameters in your FoliageLayers "num block per unit minim and max" and the weight/height
has several foliages coinciding with these parameters.
varie those numbers for fix

N0tr3ady (n0tr3adY) 03.11.2016 11:36
Solved, thanks for idea ;)

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