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Giants Editor: Export Pivot?

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Created31.10.2016 13:03

Max Weizer (Sahloknir) 31.10.2016 13:07

is it possible to export the pivot from giants editor?

i would like to change a model in maya, but my problem is, the pivot is already set up in GE.

When that's not possible to export it. Than how can i change the pivot in maya so that it is exactly the same like in GE?
I know i can edit the pivot in maya with "D", but you never get it on the exact same position.

Jorn Hiel (fa285634) 31.10.2016 15:05
do u mean the object's origin point ? that should be identical in GE as in maya as in Blender.

IF the mod that your trying to convert has its center on a Transform object, just replace the objects in the subtree of the transform

or just export the transform with the model.

or longer way, just change the model in maya, then when u import it into blender place it behind a transform and when your animating your model, use the transform group as rotating part

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