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How do I change foliage textures on mod map using GE 7.0.2?

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Created02.11.2016 22:34

Tom Rittenhouse (RTR52) 02.11.2016 22:42
How do I change foliage textures on mod map using GE 7.0.2?
Trying to create grass field. While in GE7.0.2 the grass shows. But when I open map in game there is no grass (no change field is still the same as default). There must be something I need to do.

Please any help would be great.

Ausimods (AusiMods) 02.11.2016 23:12
If has changed in editor i think it should also change in game but you must start a new game otherwise you are using presaved field

Tom Rittenhouse (RTR52) 03.11.2016 00:19
Thank you.
There's no Change even when starting new savegame. The detail textures also don't change. I read somewhere to delete the field # . I tried that and it works but then there's field # on the pda. Never had to delete field #'s in other versions of GE.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 06.11.2016 09:49
Yea Tom, I'm having issues with this too. Is there any tutorials anywhere in existence that tell you how to add and remove fields? I doubt it. Anyhow I finally added a field, but the grown wheat wouldn't show in editor. I was working on something else I can't get the editor to do right, and when I went to test in game, my wheat was there, and causing terrible lag. When I opened it in the editor again, nothing. Explain that somebody?

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 12.11.2016 09:59
Guys you must delete all fields from the previos map,cause giants editor 7.0.2 store all information about the fields in this transform group.
You can left just field number one,and rearange the corners to your new field.After that you can just add new fields,with copy-paste method,and changing numbers for fields,and other information,like price and hectares.

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