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no SpecularColor in Editor 7.0.2

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Created05.11.2016 20:03

Lukas M. (madabub) 05.11.2016 20:11

the Editor 7.0.2 has some problems with Specularcolors of a Objekt without an Specular Texture.

in the Screenshot you can see three spheres with different SpecularColor settings from left to right (specularColor="0 0 0") (specularColor="0.5 0.5 0.5") (specularColor="1 1 1") but the editor display all as there were no Specular Color. I have tested the same file with the Editor 6.0.5 and there it works all fine.
And my Test File:

does anyone know how to fix it?

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 06.11.2016 09:41
Would that have anything to do with objects I import form other maps into my map to where everything looks fine, save and exit. Open it again in the editor, and the object is white, no texture. It's the same if I load it in game too? This sure is getting frustrating, I've done this a dozen times, and no matter what, same thing. This editor appears broken, and I've got all kinds of problem s with it, and I don't even know where to start posting. This kind of looks like one of them.

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 07.11.2016 12:53
About the texture missing,

Make sure you export the objects you want to use in your map from the map you get them from by using "Export selection with files" then select a folder for the object in your new map (or desktop but then you have to copy it in) so that the exported object and its textures are within the folder of your map,

Then when importing the object into your map make sure you select the i3d file within the folder of your map not anywhere else..

The texture paths are relative to the mod's/map's folder in fs, so every texture has to be within the mod's/map's folder

Why your spheres don't have specular color, i don't know... I've tried it myself with your file and yes, no specular color to be found. I would have suggested to reduce ambient color, but it didn't help either.. It could ne that the new giants editor acts as if the specular texture is black if there is none.. which in turn means no specular.
Easy fix would be to just apply a white specular texture i guess... Worth a try.

Lukas M. (madabub) 08.11.2016 07:33
If I apply some imagetexture as the specular texture then it works.

But I used to manipulate the specular color in addition to the specular texture to create some "spezial" effects on my objects. And I think if it shouldn't work anyway why are there settings for it? Ok it's giants there are sometime something special... I think I have to wait for the next patch and if it still doesn't work then there are no more special effects for me...

Samuel H. (modelleicher) 08.11.2016 14:11
Well, what special effects are there you can not create using a specular texture?

You can change the intensity of the gloss (black = no gloss -> white = lots of it) also the color (by coloring the specular)
So technically you can do the same things both ways i would say..

And yeah.. Giants solutions are something special sometimes, hehe.

Lukas M. (madabub) 09.11.2016 13:59
on my object I'm using the vehicleShader so i can't just simply colorize the specular texture because I have only one greyscale channel of the texture for my specular effect.
I am using the diffuse texture, normalmap and specular texture with vehicleShader to have the dirt effekt and so on. With the specular texture I could control the strength of the specular effect on my model and in addition to that I manipulated the specularColor settings to colorize the specular effect in red or blue or something else.

Alex Alminde (Unknown) 14.11.2016 09:16
Hello Lukas M.

Could you please help me with a easy method to remove Specular Gloss on anything?
- And maybe help me with Passenger Mod.

// Best regards,

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