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How do I disable Navmesh on CowBarn?

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Created06.11.2016 16:52

Bartlet Albers (Unknown) 06.11.2016 16:57
Could someone explain to me how to disable the navmesh on the CowBarn Roof. Editor v7.0.2 FS17. I have moved the Cow Navmesh, and everything is OK except I have Navmesh/Cows on the Barn Roof. Only thing i can find about it is to disable navmesh on the CowBarn, but now how. Thanks

Tarja Valic (Unknown) 10.11.2016 16:23
When you doing navigation meshes you must left blank spaces in the areas,when you planing to use the objects,and it is very important to use,correct number for radius,otherwise,your animals would be all over the place,and this cause awfull stuttering.So here are corect numbers for radius:

Cows Radius 1.2
Sheep Radius 0.7
Chicken Radius 0.15
Pigs Radius 0.7

So if you have Cows in the barn,and you dont want that,you must erase that area of the navigation mesh,via info layer option in the editor
Thats it.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 11.11.2016 06:01
Explain "move the cow navMesh," like how did you move it? Normally, you erase and repaint it in a new location. I can't see how cows are getting on the roof myself, navMesh error or not, but hey, I've seen stranger things. It sounds to me like you've somehow managed to navMesh the barn, and I bet if you erase and re-paint, being careful about radius size as Tarja has mentioned, and see if your problem is corrected. In Battlefield 2 we used the models Col2 as a template for the game engine the generate the mesh, we then had to export it into either 3Dmax or Maya to edit, convert, and report. I imagine when you paint the navMesh you actually creating a template for the engine to create the mesh. That being said, if you somehow have you info layer tiles touching the barn in a certain way, it will nave mesh it to like a slope in the terrain.

Bd Bdbssb (bdbssb) 18.12.2016 06:51
I know what he's saying it happened to me too. For some reason even when under the nav mesh on the cow barn (like u would with the fences or chicken hut) the nav mesh still ends up on top of the roof which results in cows on the roof lol. I fought this for a while and finally gave up. To get around it I just zoomed in and manually painted the mesh inside on the barn floor.

Jim Yaris Bo (Unknown) 21.12.2016 04:38
you need you ur max climb to be set to 0.9 this should fix ur issue if its been set higher the slope limit is wat u need to adjust if ur zone is steeper than normal

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