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Bug or modding prevention? GE 7.0.3

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Created13.11.2016 04:04

Mauro Montanari (Unknown) 13.11.2016 04:16
I have a problem with some models, when I select the part in the scenegraph the selected part doesn't get highlighted or I can't select it at all and if I try to export the part with the corresponding files I get an empty wireframe. I will try to explain with a couple of examples:
-goldhofer trailer backpart: select the ramps I can move them but they do not get highlighted, if I select the backpart node I get the empty wireframe moving with the rear axles assembly, if I move this part the sliding piece stays while the rest is moving
-stepa trailer: select the mainArm node, only the decal gets highlighted, I can move the assembly, if I delete everything under stepa_vis the parts stay on screen but in switched positions, if I export the remaining main chassis I get the empty wireframe thing

Thank you for your consideration.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 13.11.2016 06:53
It's not modding prevention as much as it is "mod compliance" because it seems Giant's has bowed before the almighty gaming consoles manufacturers because their customers want mods dammit!!! So we the computer user- game players, and by the way are the only ones able to make the golden eggs (mods for those of you who don't get it), are cut off from using the magic scripts, because console manufacturers forbid magic scripts, that create the golden eggs, that all the console user so desperately want. And they should have them, but it's not ours, nor Giants Software, fault, or responsibility in the first place. The console users need to demand that the manufacturer of their consoles life the ban, nuff said! So all these console users demanding mods are killing the geese what lays the golden eggs they want in the first place, you know, like a circular firing squad if you will.

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