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Securing terrain to road.

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Created20.11.2016 21:53

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 20.11.2016 21:54
Afternoon all.

Is there an easier way to bring terrain to a road or other surface that is on an incline or descent? Let's say I have a road going down a -10degree hill. How do I get the terrain to perfectly match the road's surface?

Thanks all. I appreciate any help that you can give me.

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 21.11.2016 10:42
Unfortunately if there is a way I haven't found it.

My first map attempt consisted of many road pieces with lots of hills & I spent many many hours matching the terrain to the road edges.

Now in my 2017 version, I have first created my map using all flat road pieces instead, then built the terrain up and down between the roads. Then I am adding concrete/asphalt/gravel roads that slope up/down off the main roads.

At first I thought this would be a poor substitute, but honestly it is starting to look really good now and it is obviously much easier matching terrain to the flat pieces.

Anyway you are right, if only there was a slope tool with adjustable degree angle, it could make a massive improvement to the editor.

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 22.11.2016 21:08
Thanks Keith for the response. Yea... still racking my brain. I came across a tool called Spline Street Constructor v1.51 and it appears to do exactly what I want, however, have yet to find any real documentation on it in English. So... I'm still at idle.

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