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Foliage is not removed

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Created22.11.2016 08:18

Daniel Andersen (dakar2008) 22.11.2016 08:19
Hi there, i was editing the original map and removed the wheat from field 15 and make it plowed only, but when i start a new game with my new map, the field is plowed, but still filled with wheat, why is this happening, i started a new game and i also tried to clear the id3cache ingame but nothing seems to work?

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 22.11.2016 10:57
Do you own the field? If not, it might still have wheat growing on it. It will start as ploughed if you already own it.

Daniel Andersen (dakar2008) 26.11.2016 15:59
I allready owned the field, but i did the same with Sosnovka and that worked perfectley...

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