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Error: No Vertices To Create Navigation Mesh

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Created25.11.2016 04:52

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 25.11.2016 04:57
Good evening all.

Hope everyone's belly is full.

So, I have been running into a problem with creating a navigation mesh for my cows. I've gone through all the video tutorials that I can find and none of them really talk about vertices at all. I've done all the steps that are shown in the video and every time I hit either create or re-create navmesh, it gives me an error stating "Error: No vertices to create navigation mesh"

Some of the things that I have already looked at are the infolayer.grle file. I erased it and had GE create me a new one. I verified the _weight files to make sure they are the right size. And... I have followed the exact steps in the GDN video tutorial as well as watching several others on YouTube. I've not had any luck with this.

Can someone help me out?

Thank you for your time.
Lloyd O Boyette

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 26.05.2017 06:51

really hard to say from a distance.

I would suggest you to try the steps for creating/modifying a nav mesh on a default map.
Eventually something has been screwed in your map - just a wild guess.


деев петр анатольевич (petruha) 14.02.2018 07:14
Warning: No triangles collected for navigation mesh generation. Enable build nav mesh flag on shapes.

help please?!

Kevin K. (kevink98) 14.02.2018 11:33
I think you haven't set the "animaltype".

Read this tutorial and try it again:

деев петр анатольевич (petruha) 14.02.2018 23:11
thank you all broke a

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