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Giants editor 7.0.5 problem. White objects.

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Created01.12.2016 15:59

Vander Sell (Unknown) 01.12.2016 16:03
Why i dont see fs 2017 (editor ver:7.0.5) some trees ? and some map objects is lost and some objeckt textures is lost :invisible.

2 days ago all works good, same in game. but now its f-c-k-d UP ! why ?

Lloyd Boyette (Unknown) 04.12.2016 01:58
White objects usually means that the path to your textures has moved. If you've imported those objects from another map without bring all associated files with it... it will end up white. You need to do an "Export with Files" and take everything to your map project.

Good luck

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 05.12.2016 04:52
A better way is as follows. Lets say we're going to use a building from Goldcrest in your map. First open Goldcrest in the editor, and select the building you want making sure you select the parent object in the Scenegraph. Next, and as mentioned, you select Files -> Export Selection with Files, and put it in a folder say on your desktop for now. Okay, now in your maps directory structure create a folder for the new object, and I usually name it what it was with a "_GV" on the end to remind me which map I got it from. Now move all of the files for the building you exported from Goldcrest into this new folder. Start up the the editor, Files -> open mod -> yourModMap, and import this new building into the map from this internal directory and it will work like a charm. Now you need to import it into a transform group at this time if it is to be a part of one.

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