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unused and duplicate files

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Created06.12.2016 16:00

Tony Price (brownthumb) 06.12.2016 16:04
How do i get rid of unused and duplicated files in map?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 06.12.2016 19:57
I'm not sure, what you understand as "map"?

If you mean the i3d within GE, do "Export All with Files". This makes a 'garbage collection' and writes only the used files to destination.

If you mean the complete map with all xml, graphics and other auxiliary files, you have to manually sort out what is needed.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 07.12.2016 00:33
sorry, meant the Export all with Files, how and where do i set up the destination, what does it consist of?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 07.12.2016 01:13
On begin of export you are asked for a destination folder, which you may create before.
I'd recommand using a neutral destination, not controlled by Windows' UAC/DEP.
After exporting successfully, this folder will contain all necessary files and you can continue editing.

However for playing the new map, more files are needed. See the folder "SDK" in your FS install directory and the tutorials on this site.

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