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seeing parked cars

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Created12.12.2016 06:30

Tony Price (brownthumb) 12.12.2016 06:33
The parked cars in the traffic section, how do you make them visible in editor so that you can place them where you want them?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 12.12.2016 11:58
You can't. The ingame appearing cars have in GE only placeholders where the game engine later inserts the cars.
Usually in splines -> trafficSplines -> parkedCars

Redbud Corvino (Unknown) 01.02.2017 20:41
Yes it can be done in GE. You will have to use one of the placeholders in GE. Like water, it won't show up while in GE but will in game. The tricky part is placing it properly without being able to see it. So may take a few times going between game and GE for proper placement. Long as the coding is correct, the game engine will insert them as they do the rest. o7

George Smith (Bocephus) 30.05.2017 18:29
I've never been able to see them in Giants Editor either. In Giants Editor you should be able to click on splines, traffic splines and below should be Parked Cars. Once you click on parked cars it should open with a lot of parked cars. For an example. If you click on any of the parked cars. A placeholder should show up somewhere on the map. You can move the placeholder to where you want the car to be. After placing the placeholder where you want the parked car to be, be sure the blue dot in the placeholder is above and sitting on the terrain and sitting where you want the car to be. Be sure the blue arrow in the placeholder is facing the front of where you want the car to be facing.Save it in Giants Editor before checking it in the game. If you need to make any adjustments,Always save the game in Farming Simulator, before you go back into Giants Editor, you can move the car to the front or back, up or down if you need to after saving it in Giants Editor to where you want the car to be.. Once you save it in Giants Editor and then open the Game, a car should be where you placed the placeholder in Giants editor. You will need to save the game and open it again in Giants Editor to move the car forwards or backwards with the blue arrow. You can also move the car to the right or left with the placeholder. Also, up or down so the tires are touching the ground. Save it in Giants Editor and open the game. The car should still be there but you'll still have to save the game and open it again to make any adjustments., You can move another car the same way. This might not work for everybody but it did for me and I've tried it 5 or 6 times. Again, after checking it in the game, be sure to save it so when you open it again, in Giants Editor it'll be exactly where Giants Editor saved it. It'll be exactly where you last made any changes in Giants Editor. There might be an easier way but this was easy for me. Again, be sure to save the game in Farming Simulator before going back into Giants Editor to make any more adjustments It just won't easy explaining how I did It and it worked. Sorry for the book

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