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Large maps FS 17 2049x2049

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Created19.12.2016 18:20

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 19.12.2016 18:28
I do SampleModMap. Is it possible to make the file map01_dem.png in the folder map01, the original 1025x1025, make it 2049x2049? To enlarge the map?

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 19.12.2016 19:04
Hi, yes, that's possible, but that's not quite the only step. These are my notes on this:
01) Download GRLE Converter v7.0.1 from GDN - Downloads;
02) Edit map01.xml and double the width and height attrbute of the ingameMap element;
03) Enlarge map01_dem.png to 2049x2049.
Recommendation: just enlarge the canvas while keeping the original image centered and with the original dimensions.
For the colour of the outside area, choose the same colour as the exit of the main highway for starters;
04) Enlarge each *weigt.png file in the same way;
05) Convert the *.dmg images to .png with the GRLE converter;
06) Enlarge each of these the same way as above and replace them with the .dmg files;
07) Convert the *.grle images to .png with the GRLE converter;
08) Enlarge each of these the same way as above and replace them with the .grle files;
09) open map01.i3d with GE and let it convert the png's to .dmg and .grle;
10) remove the .png files for which now a .dmg or .grle has been created.
11) Note that within GE, borders which would constrain you to the original area should be (re)moved. Also, you might want to move far-away objects even further.

Leif Ege (leifege) 24.12.2016 03:35
Here is another way that I found that worked well for me.

If you were to follow this method, you will need a 4x map from FS15 (because all of the files will already be scaled up for you), the GRLE converter that can be found on the Giants Developer Network, and Notepad++ (regular Notepad will work, but I find Notepad++ easier to work with because it will format and color code your text files making them easier to read in my opinion).

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 24.12.2016 18:47
There is a 16x FS17 flat sample map on modhub that has the flat dem and all the other files already converted and still has the pngs. I used it to convert my sample map I had already started on by placing it's dem in the middle of the large one .. flatten and merge in Photoshop and your done.

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