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GE 7.0.5 Error help

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Created28.12.2016 02:11

David Hinton (Unknown) 28.12.2016 02:13
Hi, I am working on my map for FS 17 in GE 7.0.5. I have added a few crops to the map, they all paint just fine and I've been working with the map for 4 days this way. Tonight I started getting this error in the console window.
Error: TerrainLodTexture can only handle 8 data channels per density map type

Can someone decode this? I'm afraid to save to see what else GE deletes from my map, since it's an expert at doing that.

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 28.12.2016 04:44
Looks to me like you have to many box's ticked in your bitmap - data-map for a particular foliage type, you can have only 8. I suspect your trying to do cultivated, and sprayed and sowed this or that at this growth state, and this is to much at once. I would go back to the last field you were working on before this showed up. That's where your error will be.

David Hinton (Unknown) 28.12.2016 16:12
This is coming up before I even tried to paint anything. I found this error came from when I changed my numChannels and numTypeIndexChannels from 11 and 5 to 11 and 4. The problem was at 11 and 5 I could not paint stage 2 or stage 5, when I changed it to 11 and 4 I was able to paint all stages of plant growth. Unfortunately, that's when the error showed up.

I ended up just finding a multi-fruit map that worked and put my stuff in it.

David Hinton (Unknown) 28.12.2016 16:13
James, I just noticed your user name, Cajunwolf. Where are you from? I'm here in South Louisiana, converting my 16x Louisiana map.

Christer Anger (Unknown) 30.12.2016 16:08
I do almost have a similar situation but in my cause it wont even start so i do almost the same situation

James Norred (Cajunwolf) 31.12.2016 02:44
@David Hinton, I was in Lafayette, Louisiana for 30 years, but now reside in Houston, Texas. I'm been interested in doing a map with rice fields, and it shouldn't be that hard to do with a water plane so you could flood. The trick would be to make it appear and disappear at the right times. I'm thinking you could treat a levied field like a water trough that you had to fill, or pump water into for more realism, and have it drain by somehow harvesting the code\script that controls how fast say 50 cattle drain the total amount of water from said trough. Follow? Or is it nothing more than the crazy ravings of an insane old lunatic?

David Hinton (Unknown) 08.01.2017 16:28
Cool, I'm in Ville Platte. I lived in Lafayette for five years while I went to ULL.

I've never bothered with the water part. There's certain things I've just accepted that I can't do. I did build well sheds, and added motor noise to them to simulate the wells, and placed well heads in certain parts of the fields. There were certain cheats I had to do. I designed a levee plow that plants weeds made to look like johnson grass.

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