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Looking for GE V6.0.5

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Created29.12.2016 18:51

Curtis Petersen (mnkid90) 29.12.2016 18:54
I have deleted my version of GE 6.0.5 and I need it so that I can convert some objects from FS15 to 17. I have looked for an area for older versions of the editor on the GDN site but I have not been able to. Does any one have the install program that I can download.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 30.12.2016 06:21

maybe this help.

Curtis Petersen (mnkid90) 30.12.2016 07:29
Thanks for the links. Now I can get to work.

Unknown 20.04.2019 14:30
Are these sites trusted?

Cameron S (Unknown) 30.06.2020 18:55
they are not I just got a fake virus

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