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Importing a object

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Created19.10.2010 22:06

Tom White (Unknown) 19.10.2010 22:10
In my Editor I can get the object imported and it looks good in the editor but after I save it then start the game it has no textures, it's all white! What have I done wrong or what have I not done to show the texture? This is a building I am having problems with. Thanks

Joshua Branson (Unknown) 21.10.2010 08:34
If you have imported it from another hard drive it does this (if you are using version 4.1.6) You just have to copy the texture into the mod folder and then open the mod .i3d with a text editor. There will probably be a line in the <Files> section that looks like <File fileId="filenumber" filename="(usually blank)'texturename'" relativePath="true"/>. Replace the section 'texturename' with the name of your texture.

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