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Created16.01.2017 04:21

Travis Rushing (Unknown) 16.01.2017 04:23
I'm having a problem opening the editor. I click on run and it goes through a setup, when I click finish nothing happens at all. How do I get the editor to actually open up so that I can use it?

Tony Price (brownthumb) 16.01.2017 06:43
when the finish part comes up it is installed and ready to go, now if u r using windows go to the little thing that is in bottom left corner, looks like 4 squares, click, scroll till u see GIANTS software, open, left click on yellow tab that says Giants editor and pin to ur taskbar, then just click it to open editor, OR, just open the mod u want to put into editor and double click on it's i3d file, it will auto open it in editor.

Travis Rushing (Unknown) 16.01.2017 21:18
There is no little squares, the only thing i can push is "finish" and then if i try opening the editor it just takes me back through the same process of trying to install it and back to the finish screen

Tony Price (brownthumb) 17.01.2017 02:29
looks like you are just installing the editor over and over again, READ carefully what i said above, the button with the 4 squares is the windows logo at the bottom left of your computer screen that you use to get to the information inside your computer, giants editor will not put a shortcut button on your desktop, you have to go inside to get one.

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