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Created16.01.2017 15:49

Ben Stivers (Unknown) 16.01.2017 15:56
I'm working on building a map and I placed a couple fields, put the field map indicators in the middle of the field, placed the corners and the field buy icon. Problem is that when I go in game the field doesn't show up on the map, not even the field number shows up and I don't get the option to buy the field either. Everything else works on the field. I can plow, plant, harvest with no problem. Anyone have any ideas?

Ben Stivers (Unknown) 16.01.2017 16:49
Cancel that I figured it out................after 5 days

Henk Crous (Unknown) 07.03.2017 16:58
Same problem! Can anyone help me?

Rob Van Den Berg (thudge) 08.03.2017 12:32
Sounds like a missing "onCreate" scriptCallback trigger "FieldDefinition.onCreate" on the fields transform group ?

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