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Fertilizer Blue on PDA

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Created19.01.2017 22:03

William Rowe (Bonger76) 19.01.2017 22:10
Have a problem when plant grass and fertilize after i cut you can see that the ground get lighter and can reFertilize but the Blue overlay on the PDA is not removed the other cropes work fine just the grass though it was a map issue so with no saved games started GoldCrest and the sameThing
thier,what i dont understand is that i had it working was trying some thing new with the map working on a map.lua did not work out so scraped that map whent back to back up and now have this problem,and it happens on GoldCrest to any ideas Thanks

William Rowe (Bonger76) 20.01.2017 04:12
Ok it is not that it is not removeing the blue in the fertilizer plow part of the PDA it add the blue when i cut the grass on the grass that is on the grass terrian detail,the grass that is not on the detal no blue,it is not adding fertilizer to the area.I dont know thier are no errors and everything works right when i fertilize the area then cut the fertilizer is removed and can be fertilized again,maybe I broke the game and need to reinstall because it dose the same on GoldCrest to.

Well uninstalled FS17 then reinstalled work no blue after cutting grass installed the patch,then theirs the blue again after cutting the grass that is planted on the grass terrain detail is anyone else having this problem.

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