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Silofill trigger on converted trailers.

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Created20.01.2017 23:45

Devin Meier (B3AST1YCAK3S) 20.01.2017 23:47
Hello there, I used the editors built in mod converter to convert a fs15 trailer to fs17. For some reason my trailer will not trigger the silo fill. I can fill the trailer with a combine or shovel, but cannot use the farms silo. I was wondering what i can do to fix this. I looked at other mods and cannot pin point the issue.


Devin Meier (B3AST1YCAK3S) 23.01.2017 03:25

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 23.01.2017 18:38
In GE check the trailer's collision mask for the "exactFillRootNode". It should be $40000000.
Verify also the XML for proper <exactFillRootNode index=".." />

Devin Meier (B3AST1YCAK3S) 24.01.2017 22:45
I looked under Exactfillrootnode and checked the trigger box to off. That seemed to make it work. Thanks

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