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Cant Open Old Map In GE

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Created21.01.2017 21:10

Alex Willson (Unknown) 21.01.2017 21:12
Hello.. Can you tell me why I cant open old maps / maps from FS15 in Giants Editor 7.0.5 ?.. How i can open it ? Or Need I old version of Giants Editor ?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 21.01.2017 23:19
Since there were massive changes between the versions, where the GE isn't downward compatible always, it's a good idea to keep the latest subversion of corresponding GE:
FS17: GE 7.xx, FS15: GE 6.xx, FS13: GE 5.xx

Sometimes it's enough to export (all with files) from the lower GE and open the output with the higher version. Most of the Giants standard maps should be editable then.
But there might be also changes which have to be adapted manually in the i3d with a text editor. Especially for non-Giants mod maps this could be required.

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