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giants edtior 7.0.5 wont run

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Created25.01.2017 16:12

Logan Ray Levan (Unknown) 25.01.2017 16:14
hi,my giants editor 7.0.5 will not run.i open the editor then it says that the i3d file is ready but then it says giants editor is not responing and closes.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 25.01.2017 17:34
What do you intend to load/edit?
A FS17 standard object/map or a mod?
If the last, most probably the mod is for an earlier version.
Check also your "editor_log.txt" in {user}/AppData/Local/GIANTS Editor ..

André Vos (Unknown) 28.02.2017 16:53
I am wondering why they didn´t put in a new engine like, 7.0.5. for editing in it! Why always working with that old 1 7.0.0, it doesn´t work with editor 7.0.5 because it gives a lot of troubles with editing with trucks, tractors and other vehicles. Why isn´t there an new engine in the game....

Mitchel Burgess (Unknown) 28.02.2017 18:27
it says that its not supported for my laptop

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