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Created02.02.2017 05:20

Derek Tschudin (Unknown) 02.02.2017 05:22
How do I change the price of a field? I try adding fieldPrice in User Attributes but that doesn't work. Thank you.

Keith Windsor (Unknown) 02.02.2017 09:09
I have not found a way, except to say that the size of the field determines the price. I hope someone can suggest a way though, as I would like to place higher or lower value on some fields due to location/dimensions etc.

Jeff Fransoo (jfransoo) 21.02.2017 17:45
The field prices are set to a fieldPriceScale which starts at 1. You can change it in the GE editor by finding the field you want to change in the scenegraph changing the scale to a decimal point. Ive set all my fields to anywhere from .15 to .35 depending on the location and ease of working.

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