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How to get files from GE to Unity?

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Created09.02.2017 16:06

Wddwd Wdwdw (Unknown) 09.02.2017 16:26
Hi guys, I am trying to take a helicoper from Giants Editor into Unity complete with textures. Is this possible? It looks like an obj export doesnt support textures? And .i3d is imcompatible with everything. I can get the obj into unity and it even auto generates some materials but there are A LOT and they have no albedo assigned. I can generate the textures by simply saving it out as .i3d in the giants editor, so in theory I could assign these textures to the materials. However it is very difficult to work out which one goes where, and when I try they dont seem to map properly to the object, the main body of the helicopter is turned into 2 meshes by unity and neither of the outside textures wrap over it properly. So how do I get something out of giants editor into a standard format with textures? It seems quite insane that there is no FBX output on giants editor for easy exchange between other formats, and supporting obj that cant handle textures also seems insane. Am I doing something wrong? Been very difficult struggle so far! Thanks in advance for any help!!

Wddwd Wdwdw (Unknown) 09.02.2017 18:35
Additionally I have noticed that inside of GE a mesh can have multiple materials, but when you export a part of the model you want as an obj you get one mesh, but in unity it doesnt seem to let you apply the 5 materials to this mesh, it only uses one material. So you cannot make it look right, without say duplicating the model 5 times and deleting the other parts you dont need and setting the original materials on each, then assembling them all at the end. Hard to explain but I guess, this would all work if the GE could export a .mtl but it doesnt seem to ? Is there some way we can fix this?

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