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Mouse button locked on zoom out

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Created12.02.2017 17:44

Dave Maloney (sebmoc) 12.02.2017 17:48
Giants editor. Trying to move around but RMB always locks on zoom out. I have searched here and numerous other places but topic is not found. Out of desperation I have joined this forum in the hope someone knows the simple answer. It is more than likely something I am or am not doing correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 12.02.2017 20:09
I have this problem as well, thought it was my mouse playing up.

After using Alt+ LMB + RMB to move around, the RMB gets stuck on zoom, even without the Alt being pressed, until you click the RMB again. This doesn't happen every time, but more often than not.

Just checked and this doesn't happen in GE6 only GE7.0.2 up, but seems worse in 7.0.5 and at all navSpeeds.

Anyone else have this?

Ted Fanning (wickedset) 14.05.2017 11:57
I have just found out why this happens.

When using Alt+ LMB + RMB to move around, if you drag off the view screen and release the buttons off view screen the mouse will be locked on zoom, until RMB is pressed on view screen.

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