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Foliage appears after creating field boundaries

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Created13.02.2017 08:00

Ben Oleary (Unknown) 13.02.2017 08:00
I have placed terrain detail (chopped straw) into my fields on a new map. I have just placed all the boundaries around each field and all of the sudden I get crop growth showing in each paddock when in the game. When in GE I dont see the growth and have tried to remove it through GE with no luck. How can it appear once I have added the boundaries and how do I remove the crops? Thanks in advance.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 13.02.2017 11:12
if by boundaries you mean the corner markers for each field thats where the crops are coming from, you won't see them in ge, they are generated in game. now if you are wanting to be the owner of the fields at the start of game go into ge and click the field that you want, ie field01, field10, in the scenegraph, then click the window tab at the top of the editor, and choose the user attribute tab it will show the defs for that field , there is a place to type and a box that says add, don't bother the drop down, it should say boolean, in the box type this ownedByPlayer just as i typed it then click the add button, then check mark the little box that appears, save , zip and play

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