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How to replace ground textures

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Created17.02.2017 11:55

Coco Pirate (Unknown) 17.02.2017 12:16
Morning everybody.

I am working on a new 4x map to create an Australian farm (Tarrawatta Farm Talwood, QLD). I started with the empty map "leere_4fach map", and i already did half of it.
I wanna replace the terrain textures, specially the "roughdirt" and "roughgrass" to have a more realistic red earth. I tried to replace the dds pictures into the texutres folder, but it's not working.
Is anybody can tell me how to replace it, or give me a link showing it ?

Ty mates, have fun.

Gerrit Geldenhuys (masepoes) 19.02.2017 18:26
Hi Coco.

Not sure what software you are using to edit your image but I can only help those using photoshop with the Nvidia DDS plugin.

Once you have opened the original "" image in photoshop you need to do your editing to make it look like you want. I usually play only with the Hue and Saturation to get the effect I like.
Then on the layers/channels/paths panel select the channels tab and make sure the Alpha channel is active by clicking in the box to show the little eye.
Go back to layers and make sure to flatten the image so you have only one layer. You should see your texture with the red Alpha channel over it.

Now go to SAVE AS and make sure the ALPHA CHANNELS is selected in the save option area. Click SAVE to bring up the NVIDIA dds format window. Select DXT5 interpolated alpha and click the GENERATE MIP MAPS tab. Hit save and viola, it works.

A lot of people use but I have no knowledge of that since I only use Photoshop.

Hope this helps.

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