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how to run Linux on the giants editor

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Created25.02.2017 12:11

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 25.02.2017 12:31
How can I run giants editor on Linux ubuntu? I have error and I can't use Windows! Ubuntu weighs less than 1.4 GB, no virus, free, many games from windows to run. A blank window is there with the error and it is impossible to use without as from either of the settings in wine and winetricks. How to make settings? Or make a version for Linux?Farming Simulator can on Linux?

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 26.02.2017 08:12
Perhaps the FS game will get a Linux version anywhere in future. But surely not as long as Linux usage worldwide is around 1%.

The GE isn't official component of the FS distribution, but a free-to-use developer tool. Since Giants has decided to develop on Windows platform, there's no need to port the GE to other platforms.

If you're using Mac or Linux OS, you must hope on a satisfying Windows emulator.

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 01.03.2017 15:29
1% is millions of computers. And wine is not an emulator, but still it is possible to run programs from windows game. I ask that the above was written. What are the system requirements GE and FS? there is no reference how to start it? I have error Coult not create the openGL viewport. And a blank window with the title error.

Linear Shorter (Unknown) 09.03.2017 15:48
Again on Linux, but giants editor works fine.

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