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[Help] Hayloft Triggers on custom Map

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Created27.02.2017 22:40

Dog Face (Dogface) 27.02.2017 22:41
I am trying to add a slightly modded version of the GIANTS Placeable Hayloft to my custom map. The model appears in-game, but the triggers don't work. I have spent five or six hours trying to get the User Attributes right. I have tried copying User Attributes from other silos, but with no luck.

Is there a tutorial for silo triggers?

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.02.2017 12:06
Hi DogFace, had that trouble too, but i finally came up with a good one, kind of hard to explain what i did,so i put it where you can get it. Just change the fillType to what you need and use the user attributes to change the number of the saveid (Storage_storage5) under storage, hope this helps you.

Dog Face (Dogface) 28.02.2017 14:50

I downloaded your mod, and it does indeed work! You are BRILLIANT for having figured that out. I have spent days trying to copy existing silo attributes with no success. Well done!

And you are a PRINCE AMONG MEN for your generosity in sharing your work with a stranger and fellow modder. Thank you very much.

I will now attempt to get this to work on my mod.


Dog Face (Dogface) 28.02.2017 16:21

I copied your User Attributes and got the triggers to work. There were about twelve things I had to add or delete. I never would have gotten that myself. Can I ask how you figured this out?

Thank you very much.

Tony Price (brownthumb) 28.02.2017 18:27
You are welcome, i kept having a conflicting problem between the hayloft output and the output of the other silos in the game, so i took the out trigger from one of the train silos, deleted the one in the hayloft then cut and pasted the one from the train silo into the right place inside the hayloft, deleted the out put for the train and lined up the trailer out trigger with the hayloft out pipe changed the saveid number in the storage section of the new trigger. . am glad i could be of help to you.

remember that when you change something in a mod to put new back in in the same position in the mod tree that the old one was

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