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Giants editor v7.0.5 64 bit wont load a Farming Simulator 15 map!

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Created04.03.2017 17:42

Austin Miller (Unknown) 04.03.2017 17:44
I recently installed Giants Editor v7.0.5 so I could edit Westbridge Hills for FS15 and when I click on the i3d file it says giants editor has stopped working and then forces me to close the program. Can this version not mod for FS15 anymore? If so can someone give me a link to a version that can???

Tony Price (brownthumb) 05.03.2017 10:29
no the 7.0.5 won't do 2015, i think the last one for 2015 was the 6.0.5, here is a link to mine. hope it helps.

Austin Miller (Unknown) 06.03.2017 14:10
Ok, I'll try that, if it doesn't work I'll let you know. Thanks! This link isn't a virus is it???

Tony Price (brownthumb) 07.03.2017 01:52
no, its safe.

Austin Miller (Unknown) 10.03.2017 21:29
Do I click the blue box under the description saying how big it is and what type of file it is? The blue box that says "download now" ????

Tony Price (brownthumb) 11.03.2017 21:40

Rayb Sellers (Unknown) 17.03.2017 06:52
Where will all a (Giants Editor v7.0.5 32Bit) Version.

64 Bit Version is Not Fair for all Orther Mapper and Modders here.

Pls a New (Giants Editor v7.0.5 32 Bit) Download here Uploaded.

GDN GIANTS Developer Network is Unfair to us All 32 Bit Modders and Mappers here.

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