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Created05.03.2017 01:48

Paul Laverick (paullaverick) 05.03.2017 01:53
Hi all,
I wanted to do a couple of slight changes to a downloaded map, this is only for my use btw.
There was an issue with the straw trigger, so got that sorted
Then I wanted to add a bit of grass, then came the problem.
The existing area was dirt, no problem, added the grass, all looked good. Even added some foliage, all done.
Loaded the map in the game, and there are differences, mostly all ok, but some odd differences... I've tried all sorts.
Can you strip back all the terrain to blank? Got down to concrete, but that seemed to be the base?
I know this is a bit random... I will try upload some screenshots somewhere.
Many thanks

Tony Price (brownthumb) 05.03.2017 10:41
if you are using a save game to play after the changes the game is trying to load what was there before, try loading it in a different spot.

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