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Error: Missing title in mod MT700E

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Created01.04.2017 16:58

Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 01.04.2017 17:01
Hello, I wanted to change the Challenger MT700E and I just changed some bits and stuff and when I was done I didn't see in the mods screen, in the log it says : Error: Missing title in mod MT700E

In the challengerMt700E xml file it says:


There is nothing called title and it's correct, IƤ've checked with the original and it should work, but I keep getting this error.


Rasmus O (JamesWayne) 01.04.2017 17:20
I had to change the moddesc.xml file and put in


Most stupid mistake ever, that this isn't included when I export/exclude a mod from the game is just idiotic!

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