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Can't move in water

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Created05.04.2017 13:39

Mike Nowacki (Unknown) 05.04.2017 13:47

I have a problem with waterPlane in game/editor.
It works just fine (renders ok and floods vehicles) until I walk in it. Then i'm just stuck.
I can still see myself float (camera moves up and down) and i can 'tab' out to another vehicle but i can't move/swim.

Anybody knows the solution? Is it collision masks? attributes? or something entirely different?


Emil Drefers (Unknown) 05.04.2017 16:18

maybe your water plane has a rigid body attribute?
Well, it should not have any physical (rigid body) attribute ;)


Mike Nowacki (Unknown) 05.04.2017 18:52
Nope, that's not it. Everything matches original Goldcrest one (attributes, shaders, normal map, masks, values)

Still investigating. It's got something to do with me messing around with terrain heightScale (im using 512 instead of 255) and probably with my waterplane itself. Since i had no luck in creating one from scratch, I've exported original one from Goldcrest and replaced it's *.shapes file with my own :) (via Blender exporter).

Well, no matter. I guess I'll just use generic downloaded rectangular one :)

Thanks for your time,

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