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Created19.04.2017 15:00

Tony Price (brownthumb) 19.04.2017 15:04
how many ways are there to clean excess files from a map?

Michael Hudson (Unknown) 19.04.2017 18:50
Export all with files

Tony Price (brownthumb) 19.04.2017 20:10
am aware of that one, but evidently there are other ways to reduce the size of a map , that one is not good enough for the modhub site at Farming Simulator's main site.

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 24.04.2017 07:09

maybe you 've imported 'too many' objects into your map.
What overall size does it have now?
Please check the guidelines of the ModHub to see what map size is still acceptable.

Note: 'export all with files' should be used with a new directory. Meaning, you need to export the map into a new directory.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 24.04.2017 23:25
Hi Emil, this map that iv'e submitted was a start from scratch, used the "export all with files" before starting, so i started with something like 80 mb,+or- a few, tho i did import everything thats in the map, from the 2 original maps from the game, overall size of map is 683 mb before zip,
553.38 MB after zip, max size of map permitted is 768 mb, i did the "export all with files" twice after finishing map, it should be very clean, but i get this
after testing, Delete unnecessary files (.cache, .i3d and shapes, which are redundant, see guidelines.), i sent them the map with clean i3d and no
cache files whatsoever, it says see guidelines, there's no mention of deleting unnecessary files in there. also got this,
Add a proper description into your modDesc.XML. Use CDATA! (see guidelines.), i studied some of the maps that passed and i think i did a good job with that, but there again it says see guidelines, here is the only mention of CDATA in guidelines, In case of a mod update, the changelog has to be part of the modDesc XML CDATA <description>. Guideline Item 6.2, where do i find instructions on use of CDATA?

Emil Drefers (Unknown) 25.04.2017 06:55

just an example:

<en><![CDATA[The decsription in English is placed here.

You could ask for a more detailed feedback, just to make sure that you understand everything what they want to have changed - and to avoid them testing the map again and again ;)

If you give me the name of your mod I might find some time to check it.
But I can't guarantee that.


Tony Price (brownthumb) 25.04.2017 10:57

Thanks for your comeback, I think i figured out what they wanted with the CDATA part, i had a little bit more than the decsription in CDATA form, i revised the moddesc file and resubmitted, i can't think of any way to make it smaller tho, the name of mod is FS17_Lost_Islands, would like an honest review tho if you should get time, it is a bit off norm. Thanks.

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