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Created18.05.2017 01:57

Tony Price (brownthumb) 18.05.2017 01:57
i go to terrain editing down to info layer and click tipCol, then i click terrain
info layer paint mode at top that darkens map so you can paint the collision paint
on ground, i paint what i need to paint then i click Scripts and go over to create
ground collision map, click it and editor crashes, what steps did i miss?

Ataberk Er (Unknown) 20.05.2017 11:53
I have the same problem.a solution needs to be found urgently...

Tony Price (brownthumb) 21.05.2017 16:12
Hi Ataberk, i hate to admit it but i was crashing editor, i was not giving it enough time, i got impatient and clicked button, seems a full map takes a lot longer for it to complete it's task, if you are using the steps i used above, when you click create button go have a smoke and coffee, give it time to do it's

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