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Stop the auto sale of milk FS17

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Created27.05.2017 04:09

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 27.05.2017 04:09
Is it possible to stop the automatic sale of milk at 2400 in fs17?


Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.05.2017 07:28
1. There is a mod which disables auto milk sale. Search for "stop milk sale".

2. By scripting, you can set
g_currentMission.husbandries.cow.automaticallySellMilk = false;

3. You can edit the map.i3d and add to cow husbandry the above user attribute.

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 27.05.2017 14:45
I have tried the Mod and just placing the .lua file in my script folder does not work I added the extra source file in moddesc but it does not even load it. If I put the code you gave me in user attributes how would it be set up, string, script callback? I do not know sripting that well. Thanks!

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.05.2017 20:33
Are you sure, you have the right version of the mod (FS17!) and did follow the install instructions?

In the map.i3d search for the cow husbandry. To the user attributes which contain "onCreate: AnimalHusbandry.onCreate" you add the attribute "(boolean) automaticallySellMilk : false (box unchecked)".

Anthony Queen (tqueen113) 29.05.2017 03:52
Sorry for the delay in response but I got it working! Thank you very much Bilbo

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