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GE 7.1 crashing when you open program

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Created27.05.2017 20:14

Trevor Ritter (duramaxman78) 27.05.2017 20:14
i was just wondering if anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it everytime i open GE it just crashes right away

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 27.05.2017 20:37
What about the GE log?
Look "C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor 64bit 7.1.0\editor_log.txt"

Trevor Ritter (duramaxman78) 30.05.2017 03:50
GIANTS Engine Runtime 7.0.0 (14455) 64bit (Build Date: Apr 10 2017)
Copyright (c) 2008-2016, GIANTS Software GmbH (, All Rights Reserved.
Copyright (c) 2003-2016, Christian Ammann and Stefan Geiger, All Rights Reserved.
Application: GIANTS Editor 64bit 7.1.0
Main System
CPU: AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor
Memory: 8091 MB
OS: Windows NT 10.0 64-bit
Physics System
Version: 5.9.5
Thread(s): 2
Sound System
Driver: OpenAL Software
Render System
Driver: OpenGL
Card Vendor: ATI Technologies Inc.
Renderer: Radeon (TM) RX 480 Graphics
Version: 4.5.13474 Compatibility Profile Context
Shader Version: 4.50
Max. Texture Layers: 16

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 30.05.2017 08:34
Is the FS game running without any problems?

Did you install the GE with full admin rights? Rightclick on setup.exe -> run as administrator

Is your user folder (usually C:\Users\YOURNAME) somehow unusual? moved onto another drive? or in cloud (OneDrive)?

Trevor Ritter (duramaxman78) 11.06.2017 14:55
yes the fs is running fine and the old version of giants editor works

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