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GE 7.0.5 Loads but wont open

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Created03.06.2017 00:01

Ronnie Trout (Unknown) 03.06.2017 00:01
I've been using GE 7.0.5 editor for FS 17 mods for a couple of months now without any problem. I shut down my PC yesterday with no PC changes, and now today GE wont load. When I try to open any mod, or even just try to open GE itself, the icon goes to the bottom of the screen (task bar) and when you hover the mouse pointer over the Icon, it says "ready", however, it will not load up on my screen. I click on the icon, and nothing. I have uninstalled GE, re-installed. . don't work. I've done a system restore. . . don't work. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get this piece of @#$% software to open up?

What's interesting is GE 6.0.2 will open and load just fine, no issues at all.

Bilbo Beutlin (BBeutlin) 03.06.2017 04:31
If the GE has run earlier, obviously something has changed on your system. Either by yourself or by a Windows Update.
Find out what has changed and you'll have the possible reasons.
Also check the editor log for indicated problems (C:\Users\{User}\AppData\Local\GIANTS Editor ...\editor_log.txt)

Most common problems:
- The FS game could not be found. Not installed or invalid path.
- The system runs with iGPU instead dedicated gfx-card.
- Unusual location of Users folders. The GE may have problems with cloud storage (eg. OneDrive) or moved user folders.
- Win UAC: the GE doesn't have the right to access certain folders. Run it in admin. mode or re-install "as administrator".

Derek Latham (ragworm) 31.08.2017 14:32
if it shows in taskbar r-click and maximize

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